Merger was initially conceived at the Royal College of Art in February 2008, in response to a brief on ‘The Future of Money’ sponsored by Intel’s People and Practices Research Group. The Intel – Cyprus Merger showed how the world’s first merger of a country and a corporation might be possible, and even advantageous for both parties.

The project aims to highlight the exponential growth of corporations made possible through globalisation and mergers. Moreover through the execution of due diligence, stakeholder engagement and communication, how such a merger could be enacted in the best interests of both, or how it might be communicated so.

By choosing my homeland, Cyprus, as the state in question and Intel (as the company commissioning the initial brief), I could probe deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of each party (and of nations, and corporations), inviting the viewer to question if this might one day be possible, or if by stealth it is an inevitable part of our futures.

Merger, is told through a live performance in which a fictional character, Anna Rodgers, the director of overseas acquisitions at Mackenzie M&A presents an overview of how and why the Merger came to be to other interested parties.

(With thanks to Tommaso Lanza, Andrew Friend and EJ Monks)




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Intel Cyprus Commemorative Monument


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