Nuclear Dialogues

This project aims to deal with the contentious area of nuclear fission by choosing an open, non-judgemental environment, designed for dialogue rather than dispute. The inviting setting of a tea party allows for engaging discussion about the technology and its by-products, predominantly excess heat and hot water. Rather than imposing solutions, the discussion encourages suggestions as to how by-products can benefit communities living in close proximity to the reactors.

Participation is encouraged through a tasting of ‘yellowcake’ - a colloquialism for uranium oxide U3O8, an essential ingredient in the preparation of uranium fuel for nuclear reactors. The designer, along with scientists from Nuclear FiRST, devised a recipe for an edible yellowcake, using ingredients that contain radioactive isotopes, to challenge entrenched viewpoints and misunderstandings of risk.


Table set


Yellowcake, geiger counter



Yellowcake, video still


Heysham workshop, video still


Dr Neil Hyatt, Impact! exhibition

Wellcome Trust
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